Wash Packages

Wash Packages. Find the best wash for you.


Manager's Special - $20

- Includes Everything!



Buff & Shine $30 - at the Morristown and Greeneville Locations Only

$30 Buff & Shine that includes the Super Shine Wash plus a polish applied to entire vehicle that is machine buffed to a high gloss finished. Then, we hand dress the tires with Armor All tire shine.

The Buff & Shine is a patented hydraulic powered, air controlled, 5 cloth brush operation, and it is as gentle as a hand's touch.

Our polisher has generated a global reputation with clients in over 25 countries, such as Sweden, Australia, Germany, and Japan.

Made in the USA, the car polisher consistently delivers bright, durable finishes regardless of climate or location.

The paint on your car is less than five thousandths (.005) of an inch thick. This doesn't place much of a protective barrier between the metal body of your car and the variety of weather conditions which exist throughout the year.

Think about the sun and acid rain burning your car's finish, bird droppings and the variety of other elements assaulting your car. You now understand why it doesn't take long before your car's beautiful, shiny body parts fade into a dull, ugly finish. Our advanced technology and design provides superb finishes for cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs. Because of the Buff & Shine soft polyester polishing strips and superior engineering, every inch of the exterior comes out sparkling and looking great.