Ultimate Shine Car Wash - Fundraising

Fundraising. Our profit is your benefit.

Why We Care?

Ultimate Shine offers a quick and easy way to raise money for your organization. Our fundraising program discourages wasteful and polluting parking lot car washes by providing discounted professional car washes. Most importantly, your organization does not have to wash any vehicles!

How It Works:

  • Your organization registers with our car wash for a set time-period and we assign your organization a three-digit code.
  • We will give you cards with the instructions on how to use them.
  • Your organization gives out the cards and promotes the code, and we will donate 30% of the total sales from your code to your organization.
  • There is no cost to the organization for signing up. Simply at the end of the fundraising period we will write you a check for the percentage of revenue that your organization earned.
  • Example: If 200 people spend an average price of $10 for a one-month period then your organization will receive a check for $600 without even having to do anything at all other than promoting your code.

 Download the Fundraiser Contract

 Download the Fundraiser Handouts