Frequently Asked Questions. What others have asked.

Does Ultimate Shine 3 Minute Express Car Wash use plastic brushes to wash vehicles?

Absolutely not! Our state-of-the-art equipment employs the self -cleaning Neo Tex foam brushes. These brushes are designed not to hold onto any coarse materials or dirt from the vehicles. The Neo Tex is saturated with water and bio-degradable detergents and gently washes away road grime and dirt. Keep in mind many stand- alone car washes like the ones found at gas stations still use plastic brushes that can damage a vehicle if used on a regular basis.

Is Ultimate Shine 3 Minute Express Car Wash environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Take in mind Ultimate Shine is many times friendlier to the environment than a parking lot charity event or washing in your own driveway. It has been proven that the average wash at home uses approximately 116 gallons of water. Ultimate Shine actually reclaims, cleans and reuses approximately 80% of our water. At Ultimate Shine only bio-degradable cleaning agents are used in the washing process.

At Ultimate Shine 3 Minute Car Wash how long does it take to wash a vehicle?

Usually the average vehicle takes 3 Minutes from start to finish. Depending on how dirty the vehicle is may vary the time a little. However, the dirtiest vehicle will average 5 minutes maximum to wash. On the busiest days when we are washing in excess of 600 cars your time in and out will be a little longer. Buff & Shine will take approximately 8 minutes.

Is there any truth behind what I have heard about bugs and bird droppings?

If left on my car can they damage my paint? Bird droppings and bugs contain a high level of acidity. If they are left on a vehicle there is potential that the acid can damage the clear coat on the vehicle. The best prevention for this would be frequently washing the vehicle with the Super Shine or Ultimate Shine Package that offers the Clear Coat Protectant.

Is it true that the build-up of brake dust on my wheels can cause permanent damage?

This is true. The build-up of brake dust can cause pitting of the wheel. Once the wheel becomes pitted the damage is irreversible. The best way to prevent this is to choose a package that includes the Wheel Clean feature. Our Rain Repel and Shine, Hot Wax and Shine, Lava Shield and Shine, and Manager's Special packages offer this component.

Do I need to worry about protecting my car from rust?

Yes. As much as the manufacturer's try to prevent this from happening during the assembly of your vehicle, there is no way to prevent this from happening 100 %. Your vehicle comes into contact with rocks and loose gravel on the road that will chip the paint on your vehicle. Those nasty shopping carts at the grocery store will do the same thing. The most damage that your vehicle will experience is on the underneath your vehicle. There could be hundreds of chips underneath your vehicle. Your vehicle is the most vulnerable in the winter when salt and brine are used on the roadways. We offer multiple packages that offer the Undercarriage Wash feature that will help prevent rust from forming on your vehicle.

I wash my vehicle at home using a garden hose. Lately, the finish looks dull and marked. What could be wrong?

Washing your vehicle at home is extremely harmful to the finish. The University of Texas has conducted tests in 2012 and has proved that a single home hand-wash can leave scratches in your finish as deep as 1/10 of the paints total thickness. Also, the average garden hose cannot supply enough water and water pressure with the detergent action to avoid damaging a vehicle's finish. This important study concluded that automobile owners should avoid washing their vehicles at home. Only a professional car wash can provide the proper amounts of water and water pressure needed along with the appropriate soaps and waxes to safely and effectively clean your vehicle. The International Carwash Association working through a special Carwash Research Foundation Grant to the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, has conducted extensive car washing tests this past year to determine the effect on car finishes by comparing various car washing techniques ranging from professional car washing to the bucket and sponge used by many auto owners.